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Better blog search

In case you haven't already, you should check out Sphere. It's a great new blog search engine which I helped get started last year and which, more importantly, will help you discover great blogs.

5 replies on “Better blog search”

The UI and design is great, but there is one thing that you guys might be able to do to make it better. On the right side there are three options under "this topic is associated with" and when you click on an option the page reloads. If you could use some sort of technology such as AJAX so that the whole page does not reload, sphere would be that much better.

Also with the flash slider there is some flickering going on with the dates.

If AJAX is used, how will users with screen readers know that portion of the page has refreshed? Lesson: Dont use unneccessary technology for the sake of it.

TiEcon 2006: From 0 to 60 : Ramp it Up with Low Bucks

Liveblogging  Jeff Clavier’s bootsrapping panel at TiEcon 2006.  (note: I am obviously publishing this, as well as other TiEcon posts the day after, but will only do very basic editing, essentially posting my original notes)

WordPress Winning Search Mind Share Over MovableType

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