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MacBook update

Some thoughts after using my MacBook for a few weeks.

What I like:

  • Wake up and shut down work really well when you open/shut the lid. It’s fast and reliable. I’ve always wanted this on a laptop and it’s never really worked on any of my PCs.
  • I loaded all my photos into iPhoto and am using the laptop to show slide shows on our TV.
  • I’ve had no need to install Windows apps. Everything I need is there (I live 80% in Firefox, so this is no big surprise).

What I don’t like:

  • It’s a little heavy and bulky to carry around.
  • The bottom definitely gets worryingly hot.
  • Quite often, an app can take a long time to boot up (feels like over minute) and the OS is pretty unresponsive during that time. For example when Acrobat starts up to view a PDF file, things kind of grind to a halt for a while.

2 replies on “MacBook update”

Just a thought here… if Acrobat's taking too long to start up (and you don't need all the bell's/whistle's of Acrobat or Reader) you might try Preview… Apple's built in "reader".

If you like the results you can make Preview your default PDF file reader very easily. Go to any pdf file in the Finder. Select that file and type the key combo Command + i. That should give you an info window. Somwhere in the bottom half of that window you'll see an "Open with" option. Select Preview. At some future point you can change it back if you want to OR you can tell Preview to open ALL your pdf's by default by selecting the "Change All" option on that same window.

Hope that helps and wish I could be at the WordPress gettogether. Sounds like quite the event!

I've been using PCs for years and just switched to a Macbook (at Toni's suggestion) a few weeks ago. I was surprised to find many similarities between the two. I do like the fact that it is smaller than any of my pcs and turns on and off quickly. I can leave it on all night and it's right where I left it when I shake the mouse in the morning. The right click mouse was annoying but I got a "normal" one. There are still some features I need to figure out but so far it has been a good experience.

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