No more MacBook for me

Enough has gone wrong with my MacBook in the last few months that I doubt I’d ever buy another one. First I had random shut down problems. Then the built in webcam stopped working. Now I have a dead battery. All this within the first 9 months of owning it. The final straw: Apple told me to go into the store to pick up a new battery. After waiting for over an hour despite having an appointment, they confirmed that the battery was dead, then told me they were out of batteries and put me on the phone with customer support for another maddening 20 minutes to order a replacement one. Bleh.


MacBook trouble

Only a few months old and my MacBook is already misbehaving. Just like Liz, and apparently many others, I’m having random shut down problems. The computer just shuts down out of the blue, as if someone pulled a power cord. Highly annoying.

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MacBook update

Some thoughts after using my MacBook for a few weeks.

What I like:

  • Wake up and shut down work really well when you open/shut the lid. It’s fast and reliable. I’ve always wanted this on a laptop and it’s never really worked on any of my PCs.
  • I loaded all my photos into iPhoto and am using the laptop to show slide shows on our TV.
  • I’ve had no need to install Windows apps. Everything I need is there (I live 80% in Firefox, so this is no big surprise).

What I don’t like:

  • It’s a little heavy and bulky to carry around.
  • The bottom definitely gets worryingly hot.
  • Quite often, an app can take a long time to boot up (feels like over minute) and the OS is pretty unresponsive during that time. For example when Acrobat starts up to view a PDF file, things kind of grind to a halt for a while.