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Biodiesel progress report

After a couple of months and 1000 miles running my Landcruiser on biodiesel I have the following to report:


  • Feels great to be driving on soybeans!
  • Getting gas at SFbiofuels has been easy (very nice people there too)
  • The car runs perfectly well and a little more quietly than on petrodiesel
  • No more puffs of black smoke when starting the car (it’s puffs of white smoke now)


  • The exhaust smell takes a little getting used to (smells like a french fryer, which I guess is still better than regular exhaust)
  • 10% lower gas mileage

My next goal is to get my kids’ school to switch their 8 buses over to biodiesel (I’d love to hear from people who have done a similar project).

2 replies on “Biodiesel progress report”

Hopefully for the next biodiesel be a leader not gasoline . And more community use biodiesel. we hope so good for environment not hazardous. Good luck and good for future

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