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Not that this car will ever make it to the US, but take a look:


Apparently Citroen will release a successor to the classic 2CV. It looks great and will supposedly have an interesting sounding diesel hybrid drive train.

7 replies on “2CV”

Oooh looks good. What no starting handle? I loved my old 2CV. I guess it's about as far from an old 2CV as the current Volkswagen Beetles is from its predecessor.

I did not realise 2cv was popular in the US as well but I guess this one will help to get it known even more so…and probably upset also some fans of the old one

GOD i hate it already..

I has nothing in common with our beloved 2CV..Nothing..It's just a another Peugeot with the Citroën badge on..Nothing in it that attracts me at all..

Yes i'm upset..

Yes, there is a small but strong cult following here in the States for Citroen, mostly for the DS or Pallas because VW dominated the market with the Beetle. The 2cv is a rare find here as with most French cars because the US fails (as usual) to recognize quality and the French (being ever so passive/agressive) refuses to argue their case to open the market. I love my black and burgundy Charleston, not just for being the only kid on the block with one, but because of the design and engineering, albeit simple, that makes the car go from 0 to 60 in 12 seconds!

ps…the new one looks a bit like a Pluriel from the front, much like the original…love it or hate it!

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