30 day blogging challenge: Week 3

Hiten Shah
Give faster feedback by easily editing any webpage
Facebook Rooms, Mobile Acquisition and Distribution Bets
7 lessons learned growing SaaS companies
Culture isn’t a chore
It’s easier than ever to acquire customers for your SaaS business
5 hacks to increase your daily consumption of information

Michael Galpert
Distrust for credit cards
October Music
Oliver Saks on Drugs
iOS 8 Search
Going To Where The Audience Is

Om Malik
Swing & Scratch
Instrmnt 01: Minimalist Delight
Let there be light…
Big Apple Conversations
Apple’s Swift has open source challenger, Phoenix
October baseball
Some new stories on Storehouse

Toni Schneider
WordCamp over the years
A great cause, especially now
Podcasts I like
Diane’s portfolio
A trip for the ages

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Toni Schneider

Partner at True Ventures. Team lead at Automattic. Advisor at Atipica, Bandcamp, Bigscreen, Handshake, Hatch Baby, Madefire, Piavita, Renovo Motors, and Tend.ai.

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