Behavioral AdSense

I wonder how AdSense effectiveness will change with their addition of behavioral targeting. This part is particularly smart:

And by visiting the new Ads Preferences Manager, users can see what interest categories we think they fall into, or add and remove categories themselves.

The Preferences Manager also allows people to opt out of being behaviorally tracked by Google. Will that be enough to satisfy privacy concerns?

Bandcamp launches

Forget MySpace Music, this is the future of music on the web.

From Bandcamp’s FAQ:

We’re a publishing platform for bands, or, anthropomorphically/arthropodically-speaking, your fifth, fully geeked-out Beatle — the one who keeps your very own website humming and lets you get back to making great music and building your fan base.

Here’s a review by Andy Baio.

Disclaimer: Bandcamp was started by former Oddpost colleagues of mine and I’m an advisor/board member.

Schneider family vacation – gadget edition

Our family went on a great 10,000 mile road trip this summer. We really tried to keep a lid on the number of bring-along gadgets, but ended up hauling over a dozen of them around the country:

Plus the camera I used to take the above picture:

After joking about our gadget collection to Om, it dawned on me that we had just conducted an extended, heavy duty test on a bunch of devices. The good news is that we didn’t lose any, only one of them broke completely, and only a couple had a little trouble along the way:

– The Canon PowerShot SD300 gave up the ghost about 1 week into the trip. The lens refuses to retract, and the device flashes error 18.

– My iPhone stopped delivering email for about a week, then started working again. I think this was related to the iPhone 3G launch.

– The home button on one of the iPod Touches started doing strange things, then kind of started working again after several reboots.

Here’s a list of the devices, why we brought them and how they fared:
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