F1 video

A great clip for people who are into car racing. Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux battle it out for 2nd place in the 1979 French Grand Prix:


Not that this car will ever make it to the US, but take a look:


Apparently Citroen will release a successor to the classic 2CV. It looks great and will supposedly have an interesting sounding diesel hybrid drive train.

Biodiesel progress report

After a couple of months and 1000 miles running my Landcruiser on biodiesel I have the following to report:


  • Feels great to be driving on soybeans!
  • Getting gas at SFbiofuels has been easy (very nice people there too)
  • The car runs perfectly well and a little more quietly than on petrodiesel
  • No more puffs of black smoke when starting the car (it’s puffs of white smoke now)


  • The exhaust smell takes a little getting used to (smells like a french fryer, which I guess is still better than regular exhaust)
  • 10% lower gas mileage

My next goal is to get my kids’ school to switch their 8 buses over to biodiesel (I’d love to hear from people who have done a similar project).

Switching to biodiesel, part IV

It’s taken me a while, but I have finally made my transition to biodiesel! In the last installment I talked about picking up my diesel Land Rover in Port Hueneme and then getting it ready for the road. Well, something came up while it was in the shop getting fixed up. I had originally been looking for a diesel Landcruiser as my biodiesel project car. After months of trying, I gave up and went for the Land Rover instead. Then while the Land Rover was in the shop, I found a great


Landcruiser – so now I have 2 biodiesel cars! I found the Landcruiser on eBay. It was listed by Chevrolake Motors in Canada, a car importer/exporter whose name I’d seen listed in the Landcruiser web forums as a reliable Landcruiser importer. I called them up and the car sounded promising, lots of miles (260,000!), but a straight, well maintained car with very little rust. So I headed up to Seattle to meet with Wayne Darby from Chevrolake. He picked me up at the airport and I liked the car immediately (Wayne too 🙂 ). I bought it on the spot and drove it back to San Francisco (Wayne was nice enough to let me borrow his dealer plates for the trip). Continue reading Switching to biodiesel, part IV